Watch This Boy Band Attempt to Sing While Getting Off

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It doesn't take long.

A couple of weeks ago, Dutch girl group ADAM had viral success with their most recent music video. The clip featured the band's four members singing their part to the song while having orgasms via sex toys. While it took a steady increase of speed to take each of the girls through their climax over the course of the three minute song, boy band and social media celebrities, Backpackers, think they can do it much faster. In a brand new parody, the dudes replicate their female counterpart's video, but reach their climax in a short 30 seconds. (What's happening below the waist? You're left to wonder.) Each immediately has a stereotypical post coital "dude reaction," like falling asleep or asking for a cigarette. For a quick laugh, watch the even quicker video below. 

[h/t Adland]