Watch This: R. Kelly Can Write a Hit Love Song in Seconds

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Only a genius could improvise tracks like "Sex Dolphin".

If songs like Love is What We Makin' or Sex Planet were not enough to convince you of the lyrical prowess of R&B genius R. Kelly, then boy, do we have a video for you. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the magazine threw four random phrases at Kelly and had him write sex songs on the spot using solely the phrases as inspiration. What ensues is not only wildly entertaining, but scarily impressive.

"I like to just take simple lyrics that people say every day and people do every day and just turn it into a massive hit," Kelly says of his songwriting approach. Which is the basic premise behind most Mad Libs, but in the hands of someone as melodic and talented as R. Kelly, it somehow flies. If the man can sound that good imitating dolphin calls, we can trust him with the future of our sex anthems.