100 Naked People Offer Encouragement In Amazing Stop-Motion Video

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Know your body.

There have been numerous campaigns recently to battle society's general view on body perfection. On a personal level, this anonymous blogger posed nude to explore the power of representation of an individual's naked body. On a larger scale, photographer Gracie Hagen is photographing nude models manipulating their bodies to be both sexy and unflattering, hoping to encourage others to see themselves in a more positive light. Finally, a brand is getting behind beautiful body movement. 

Withings, a company devoted to creating a wide range of life enhancing devices like digital weight scales and blood pressure monitors, wants to encourage you to take pride in your body. Step out from under the rain cloud of guilt advertisements have put you under due to fantasized images of the body and be confident in yourself.

The video was filmed over three days, with 100 naked volunteers and over 2,000 still images stitched together. The feature character, Sam, hates his body but learns to adapt his life to what his body needs and begins to feel comfortable and confident in his own skin.

Video and Images below are potentially NSFW. 

[h/t Design Taxi]