A Quarter of Porn.com’s Videos Are Purchased with Bitcoin

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It's like the bacon and eggs of digital purchases.

Bitcoin—you know, that cryptocurrency you pretend you know all about at parties but secretly search on Wikipedia when you're drunk in the bathroom, has met its match. In a combination almost as perfect as chocolate and peanut butter, bacon and eggs, or water-based lube and silicone dildos, you can now purchase your spank videos with your fave digital currency. In December, Porn.com announced that it would now accept confidential bitcoin payments for its premium services, and Bitcoin users quickly shot up to 10 percent of all sales. That was just the beginning of the love affair, because after the Bitcoiners of Reddit proudly announced their acquisition just 15 days ago—in a synergistic explosion of Moms Bang Teens and cryptography— bitcoin now accounts for a staggering quarter of all Porn.com sales.

David Kay, Porn.com's marketing director, was prepared with 136 mL of smoke to blow up the ass of the digital curency provider. "I definitely believe that porn will be Bitcoin's killer app. Fast, private, and confidential payments," he told the Guardian. But the marriage of Bitcoin and porn providers will benefit more than just a few stray Redditors with self-love (and MILF movies) on their mind. A part of the drawback to premium porn packages has always been the full name, credit card info, and address you have to program into the site just to get to the goods. Bitcoin removes the trepidation of putting your Hancock on a Wow Girls channel subscription and gets guys unbuckling their belts that much faster.

Porn.com's current owners aren't too invested in seeing how this whole digital currency phase works out, though. They're already reportedly looking to sell the domain for $50 million in, well, Bitcoin. It's the circle of life. And it jerks us all.

Image via Flickr.