Best of Craigslist: Government Shutdown

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"Let's do to each other what the government is doing to us all."

Nothing touches upon the emotional pulse of a nation quite like Craigslist. With the United States government shutdown due to a heated debate over a government funding bill and a congressional stalemate over the Affordable Care Act, what can you really do except offer oral sex to strangers on the internet? Whether they're a Smithsonian docent, a beloved zookeeper, or a lowly NASA astronaut, the people of Washington D.C. and all around the country have been furloughed—hard. In times of crisis, take comfort in your fellow man.

1. Free Time On My Hands


Nothing is sexier than telling someone, "You could be the nothing I do all day."


2. Let's Start a Sexual Revolution


Sex: the bi-partisan solution.


3. Get Rid of Some Frustration

"Let's do to each other what Congress is doing to all of us." Bonus points for wit, people.


4. Furloughed Females



Furloughed females. Talented tongue. Can you turn down a man who values alliteration?


5. In Need a Bit of Fun Now


Misery loves company.


6. Bored and Horny


I'm sure tons of government workers can boast that "rugby build".


7. Shut Down For Tonight

Watch the House and Senate go back and forth. Then, over a glass of wine, try a little back-and-forth yourselves.

8. That Is My Real Cock and The Government Is Shut Down

One creative poster uses the government shutdown as proof of the authentication of his dick pic. Will one lucky reader accept his "autumn proposition"?