British Artist Creates Outrageous Handbag to Resemble a Man’s Scrotum

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Who needs Hermes?


Outrageous English artist, Grayson Perry, is known overseas for his beautiful ceramic vases and entertaining cross-dressing. On a recent airing of Channel 4's Liberty of London, Perry was spotted wearing this leather handbag in the shape of a scrotum. After multiple inquiries about the bag, he admitted the appropriately named "Scrotal Sac" was one of his own designs.

After drawing out a general image for the bag (including a front 'appendage' with a bell), Grayson contacted leather maker Andy Bates to construct the one of a kind piece. He told Daily Mail, "I received an email from Grayson to which was attached a particular drawing; a drawing which was the potter's design for the 'Scrotal Sac'. I took a deep breath and the process of making began."

If you were hoping to complete your wardrobe with this ball jaw dropping masterpiece, you're out of luck. Grayson, who has added the Scrotal Sac as a feature when he plays his female alter-ego Clare, refuses to replicate the bag. 

[h/t Design Taxi]