Camgirls Now Accepting Digital Currency Thanks to Girls Gone Bitcoin

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You + Your Naughty Parts = Bitcoin

By now, you've definitely heard of Bitcoin – the digital currency that you can use to instantly purchase all sorts of goodies on the internet. That list now includes a webcam striptease.

Thanks to the Reddit thread GirlsGoneBitcoin, camgirls everywhere can upload a photo (including their username, date, and #girlsgonebitcoin) for verification. Then all you fine people can peruse the thread and select the verified lady of your choosing. Don't worry about sketchy credit card charges showing up on next month's bill, you can just transfer some coins straight from your Bitcoin wallet. Done and Done.

And if you're a kinky lady who enjoys getting your sexy on via the interweb just for the fun of it, you can always donate your Bitcoins to a worthy cause

Curious about the market? Here are 5 of the hottest Redditors vying for your coins, totally NSFW

The following images are NSFW.