Celebrities Are Auctioning off Unreleased Selfies and Personal Photos for Charity

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It's like James Franco's Instagram feed, but art.

James Franco's claim that he posts so many selfies because, "It's what the people want," is about to be tested. MIX NYC just announced that over 150 celebrities — actors, musicians, writers, models, artists, porn stars, and drag queens — are auctioning off one-of-a-kind personal photos and selfies as part of the Naked Eye Camera Benefit

Here's how it works: participating celebrities took photographs with disposable 35 mm cameras and signed them to benefit MIX NYC, a not-for-profit organization that reaches a community of artists and queer experimental media. They will then sign the disposable cameras and put them up for bidding on eBay now through May 22nd. The "naked" aspect of the charity isn't that some celebrities will be dropping trou in the shots — though that's definitely a possibility, since James Franco is participating — it's that the cameras are being auctioned off with undeveloped negatives inside them. This means literally no one else will have seen that shot of Amy Sedaris at a picnic, or that selfie of Le1f twerking, or that back-of-the-minivan shot of Sally Jessy Raphael's grandkids. The Naked Eye Camera Benefit will provide the highest bidders with the feel of a celebrity Instagram feed, but the gratification that nobody else has access to these personal and privileged shots. 

If you're interested in seeing the world through your favorite celebrity's eyes, or want to give your friend with a Julie Bowen leg fetish the perfect birthday gift, start bidding. Word on the street is Rebecca Gayheart's reel is only $49.99, while Rider Strong's is $89 and climbing.

Image via Instagram.