Facebookers, Stop Sharing This Picture of a Sexy Woman in a Bikini

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Sometimes even scams wear a pink g-string.

I know this wonderfully sexy pink g-string clad woman you saw on Facebook this morning looks tempting. She looks like the exact naughty thing you really want to be clicking on right now using your high-speed Internet connection. The subtle suggestion of what she wore to the beach in front of thousands of people, the soft whisper of the summer holidays, the singular opportunities she took to do the thing you haven't heard of yet—these are questions that hang in the balmy air of your News Feed and you want them answered. That's understandable.

But don't click on this link. Don't click on it as hard as you're not clicking on your local newspaper's police blotter. This bikini-clad mystery woman, and the what-did-she-wear-ness of her body are a big, fat scam. As Business Insider reports, if you click this Facebook link, you'll not only not be redirected to a sexy video, you will share said scamming link with the rest of your Facebook friends on your News Feed. The scam has already gone viral and is diverting traffic to an unidentified website. Remember, your friends have innocent virgin eyes. They are just as curious about the pink bikini as you are. They can't be blamed. So just don't click the link.

By the way, use your heads, Facebookers. You don't actually need to click the link to find out what this voluptuous babe wore to the beach. The answer is a pink g-string bikini. To save you the trouble, I have placed a photo of a sexy female wearing a pink bikini below this sentence for your reference. You're welcome.

[h/t Business Insider]

Images via Facebook and Flickr.