Feud Between Porn Giants Pornhub and Redtube Could End in Foxy Boxing

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Bring it on.

As Emma, the Community Coordinator at free porn paradise Redtube, logged on to do her Reddit AMA, little did she know her open forum would be hijacked by none other than Katie, the Community Coordinator of rival smut site Pornhub. "How many dick pics do you get sent on a daily basis?" Katie taunted. "About as many as you," Emma fired back. To which, Katie said, "I don't get any, the internet knows better than to send me their dicks." As with all fun-loving sparring between two good-looking sexually liberated employees of giant porn companies, the feud immediately escalated to foxy boxing.

After Emily posted a threatening picture of herself in boxing gloves (above), excited Redditors started picturing porn versions of Rocky IV, Jell-O-filled pools, and topless Ultimate Surrender type fights. All in the name of charity and porn. Not to worry that there's any bad blood between the two competitors, because the feud ended like all feuds should, with a hearty round of FMK. Now we're just waiting for the exclusive release.


Image via Imgur.