Folks Are Still Using the PlayStation 4 To Stream Themselves Having Sex

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More than a thousand people watched and commented on a couple's livestream.

Sony probably didn't intend for the PS4 to be used this way, but when there's a new technology, enterprising exhibitionists will find a way to sexualize it. The Daily Mail reports:

This week, Playroom for PS4, which does not have a filter for unsuitable content, was used by one couple to broadcast a seedy 20-minute sex session.

The pair, believed to be somewhere in Russia, performed a multitude of sex acts which were viewed by more than 1,000 people – some of whom commented on the on-going action.

People have been using the PS4 to broadcast sex shows since its launch in November. One user had his account disabled after streaming nude footage of his passed-out wife.

Twitch.tv, the service used by some broadcasters in Playroom, started banning anyone sharing non-gaming content, but uStream, which hosted this most recent controversial event, does not regulate its content. This is a serious problem. People are using the PS4 to commit crime. A Sony executive told the Daily Mail that there are parental controls built in to the PS4 that can block users from accessing user-generated content, but that doesn't prevent users from sharing footage of sexual abuse. So maybe everyone should knock it off on the videogaming platform where there might be kids around. After all, isn't willing exhibitionists broadasting their sex life on the internet what god invented cam sites for?

[image via Veer]