Funny Posters of Your Favorite Video Game Characters Trying to Break Through Condoms

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The only acceptable time when a broken condom is funny. 

There's really nothing more bland or boring than American condoms. With so many innovative safe-sex products around the world, it's easy to lose your boner over the lack of creativity gracing your local Walgreens' shelves. But maybe you don't need bells and whistles to encourage you to practice safe sex. In fact, some would say the safer the sex, the sexier. 

Durex has created a brand of "extra safe" condoms, which are slightly thicker and contain extra lube. And while the uber-safe condom may not be as cool as, say, a spray on condom, Russian graphic designer Polina Bogdanova thinks she's got just the creative marketing strategy to help promote how unbreakable these condoms actually are.  

In these eye-catching posters, popular gaming app characters use their weaponry tactics to try and break through the new extra thick condoms. Check out these clever posters here.

[h/t fakestival]