Great Deal On Boners and 4-Skins!

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Chicken wings and potato skins. What were you thinking of?

This is a real coupon and I have mixed feelings about it.

Calling chicken wings "boners" is really funny, and Brothers Pizza in Cleveland should be applauded for their effort. That's the kind of joke that isn't obvious, but makes perfect sense. It's not even like, "lol," it's like, "oh, of course." However, if four potato skins is all you get next to your one wing sauce and chicken pile, that's kind of a ripoff. Unless it's four quarters of a whole potato. Otherwise, it's simply not enough.

Anyway, this is the best dick joke pizzeria ad you're gonna see today. The best I came up with is "our manicotti is very long," and that's terrible.

(via Clevescene)