Spooktacular Boobies: The Finest Halloween-Themed Erotic E-books On Amazon

"The werewolf's fingers were between my legs now..."

by Nerve


1. Halloween Erotica: Four Stories of Magical and Mystical Sex

"'Initiate must gather the list below in the day before All Hallows Eve in preparation for the ceremony...  The seed of a male friend, taken into the mouth. Not for use in the potion, set aside.' Earlier that afternoon she had repaid a favor to a young barber, bringing a glass vial with her and saving his explosion in her mouth until an appropriate moment."


2. Weird Erotica Stories Halloween Edition

"When Kendra catches her boyfriend, Devin, cheating on her at his fraternity's Halloween party, she is horrified. But not as horrified as she will be when she runs through the dark forest accompanied only by frat member Eric, wearing only a short dress, and without a flashlight. Separated from her guardian, Kendra is captured by a strange humanoid alien who seems to want nothing more than to force her to orgasm after orgasm. Bound by his tentacles, pleasured time after time, Kendra is left wondering: was her experience a dream or reality? And does she care?"


3. Spank-O-Ween: An Erotic Horror Novel

"When a group of strangers meet for an orgy on Halloween night, they have no idea what is in store for them. The evening starts off well enough as everyone gathers around a bonfire in a spreading field. But then a mysterious stranger appears among them and utters a curse over their reveries. It then turns into a night of horror as Halloween witches, ghouls and other creatures come to life and subject the thrill seekers to a night of painful spankings. Not knowing whether they are dead or alive, in hell or on earth; the stranger's [sic] band together to try and escape the tormenting beings that stalk them and find their way back to reality."


4. Tantalizing Tentacles (Halloween Treats)

"Professor Thornburg is working on a super secret project in his laboratory. Not even his assistant Mallory knows what he is hiding in there but Mallory discovers the big secret is when he is left alone on Halloween night to guard a strange looking plant that resembles a prop in Little Shop of Horrors. Mallory is under strict orders not to touch anything but when the exotic plant reaches out a tentacle and touches him, his body is given immediate pleasure and he finds that tantalizing tentacles hard to resist. In the end, he gets probed and prodded. Little does he know this was all a set up and he was left alone with the strange plant to seduce him."


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