Husband and Wife Track Their Sex Life for One Year and Save Their Marriage

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That's 44 counts of cunnilingus.

When you're in a relationship with someone who has a completely different sex drive, you may find yourself getting into weekly arguments, periods of deep resentment, and in the worst cases, dissolving the entire relationship. Noticing that his wife, who he'd been in a relationship with for over a decade, simply could not keep up with his teenage horndoggedness, one Reddit user "trimmed bush" decided to take matters into his own hands, literally.

Over the series of 372 days, he tracked both his masturbation habits and the 108 times and 50 different activities (blindfolding, edging, analingus — anything) that he and his wife got down to. Before this fastidious data experiment, he was only averaging sex once every two weeks. For a couple in their mid-20s, that wasn't enough, he thought.

The results of the experiment were tangible. His masturbation went down from 7.2 times a week to 3.5 times a week, the sex average pulled up to two times a week. But, more importantly, the result of compiling every time he had sex and exactly every single inch of skin that was licked, reminded him even more how much sex he was having. 

While some may not associate big data or stats about a wife's menstrual cycle — she was horniest on day 16 — to be a major kickstart to a relationship slump, he concluded, "This has helped me a lot. Getting rejected a couple of times per week doesn't hurt like it used to, and it has helped me realize that since sex is more important to me, that I can't abandon initiation and then get upset with the lack of sex." The graphs might have been overly analytical, but his takeaway was more reflective. 

He added, "I am also much more aware of the compromises we must both make due to our mismatched libidos (previously I only focused on my own sacrifices). From reading on Reddit and keeping this log I have become aware of the effort that my wife puts into sex (quantity and variety) beyond what she would seek on her own." And although some studies have previously pegged twice a week as the average for a happy couple, the truth is there really is no normal and no set standard for this kind of thing. Tracking his sex life with his wife didn't make this Reddit user better at sex or even have a much more active sex life, but it made him recognize the one thing he'd been overlooking: his wife.

Image via Reddit, Flickr.