Iconic Celebrities Beautifully Covered in Detailed Full-Body Tattoos

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A sexy reimagining of your favorite clean-cut stars.

Today, tattoos are a mainstream form of artwork used as self expression for everyone from bad ass rock stars to stay-at-home moms. But while we drool at Rihanna's Instagram account, hoping to catch a glimpse of the ink sneaking out of her barely-there outfits, tattoos haven't always been a form of sexual provocation that celebrities could count on.

In the days of stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, sexy meant something far less edgier than a neck full of ink. Seattle based artist and tattoo aficionado Cheyenne Randall decided to use his blog Shopped Tattoos to re-imagine iconic celebrities with full body tattoo artwork.

The skillfully retouched images seamlessly depict personalities of the past, like Jayne Mansfield and Jackie Kennedy, as well as clean cut stars of today like Prince William and Kate Middleton. Personally I think they look a whole lot better sporting some body art.

Audrey Hepburn

Mario Lopez

Jayne Mansfield


Elizabeth Taylor

John Lennon

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Arnold Schwarzenegger

John F. and Jacqueline Kennedy