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John is expanding!

Gender Income Inequality Mapped by State

State and county! Unsurprisingly, Utah is the worst, with women making 55 cents on their male counterparts' dollar. Surprisingly, Nevada and Florida are very high up there, with 75 cents each. Then you can break things down by county to really zone in on where to live if you want to be treated with any degree of financial respect. 

Tagg Romney: Mr. White Privilege

Tagg Romney said he wanted to hit President Obama in the face during the last debate. That was a dumb thing to say, obviously, but David Sirota fleshes out exactly why it was so dumb. 

Eastern European Porn with Subtitles (NSFW)

Shocking that a gentleman with a face tattoo would be less than sensitive to his partner's physique: "Little bit of gym and than [sic] you're okay."

John is Expanding

Highbrow it's not. But you'd have to be made of stone to not giggle at this. Seriously.

Amazon Reviews of Binders

"This binder has more than enough room to hold all of my women, some of whom cook dinner for me. I wish it came in pink, though."

Though we have a soft spot for Binders Full of Women — not least because it was created by our ex-officemate, Veronica De Souza — these Amazon reviews are an art form in and of themselves. Gawker has helpfully assembled some of the funniest.