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Defying tradition with orgasms, detecting infidelity through oral sex, and more…

Girl Talk: How One Asian-American Woman Defied Tradition by Pursuing Her Orgasm
Via The Frisky, Shiuan Butler on using her sex life (and by extension, her orgasms) to get over her abusive childhood in Taiwan, where "the vagina was not something you talked about, nor enjoyed. You didn't look at it or touch it more than you needed to. You definitely didn't revel in enjoying it."

22 Little-Known Facts About Seinfeld
Thank you, Thought Catalog, for letting me know that, at one point, because of Kramer's popularity, "the directors of the show had to ask the members of the studio audience to refrain from clapping so long because the other cast members began to complain that it was messing with the pacing of the scenes he was in." How the mighty have fallen.

Can a Man Be Talked into an Open Relationship?
Via Em & Lo, a panel of dudes answers one lady's query: she wants to open up their relationship, her boyfriend doesn't. Things get real pretty quick. Our favorite is the single gay guy. He seems like fun, and he gives good advice. Let's hang out.

Does Oral Sex Detect Infidelity?
Via YourTango, a new study suggests that "men in heterosexual relationships have more interest and spend more time performing oral sex on their partners when they believe that their partner may be unfaithful to them." Ouch. What about those of us who just enjoy thighs clamped over our ears?

Rape in the Age of Social Media
Via Salon, an interesting look at how accountability, documentation and fallout from rape has changed with the advent of social media. Jaclyn Friedman, co-editor of "Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape," puts it best:

When you talk on the internet about being a survivor of sexual violence, two things will invariably happen. You will be surrounded by support and you will be called hateful names and hear abusive things. The internet is such an accelerant, of both the bad and the good. It has the potential to make those violations much worse and much more public, and repeat them in ways that go beyond the most physical act. But it also makes it plain so that anyone can see.