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Learn about Gina the porn-addicted chimp, win $50 for your breakup story, and more…

Gina The Chimp Only Wants To Watch Porn (And Us Humans Are Rather Fond Of It As Well)
Our hearts grew three sizes the day The Frisky told us about Gina. See, Gina is a chimpanzee in the Seville Zoo in Spain, and she has access to a television. And Gina's favorite channels are the, ahem, adult ones. Don't let anyone bring you down, Gina. 

How Do You Get Over An Ex?
We'll let YourTango tell you in their own words: "In early February, we will host the third annual Break Up With Your Ex, a two-week-long campaign all about cutting ties with our exes both online and off in order to move on with our love lives… In order to help us help you, we are eager to hear all about your post-breakup behavior. We've put together a survey all about breakups, exes and the ways we move on from past relationships." Take the survey and you could win a $50 Amazon gift card! 

Which Day Do People Watch The Most Porno?
Via Peeperz (who have been adorably badgering us to let them have our old slogan, "Literate Smut"), here's a breakdown of the days of the year on which people watch the most porn. Turns out in 2012, it was December 27, which I guess is just enough space between porn and Santa. Weirdly, Valentine's Day is one of the lowest-trafficked days. Guess people are getting laid more than we thought.

Our Golden Globies 
Em & Lo bring us a sex-oriented Golden Globes recap. Our favorite bit was Tina Fey calling Quentin Tarantino "The star of all my sexual nightmares."

Dear Prudence: "My brother and I were always close, but now we’ve started making out."
Yup. It's just what it sounds like. Thanks, Slate — one of these days, we're going to get Emily Yoffe and our own Miss Info, Cait Robinson, together, and have one big advice-off. Winner takes all. All the… advice.