LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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One writer's list of reasons to have sex, tips for meeting an online date off-line, and the worst rom-com actors ever. 

Just A Few Of The Many Many Reasons I've Had Sex Besides Actually Wanting To Have Sex
Via XO Jane, this is a great list article that pulls some very clever sleight-of-hand to make what seems like a thin concept for an article into a great editorial. Our favorite line: "Just for the record, 'Let's all go smoke some weed at my house' can mean many things." Take that one to heart. 

Em & Lo's Valentine's Day Issue
The best part of this multi-article series is the chunk devoted to rom-coms. Yes, romantic comedies. Cameron Diaz, you're on notice.

14 Tips For Your First Offline Date With An Online Match
YourTango reminds you to go Dutch and not put out the first time you meet an online match in the real world. We agree with nearly all of it, except for the putting out part. That's totally up to you, and we recommend it. 

Mommie Dearest: I’m A Mom Who Supports Legal Abortion
Via The Frisky, this is a great editorial by Avital Norman Nathman that works to correct the popular image of the "young and loose" pro-choice activist. "Unlike some people," she writes, "becoming a parent only strengthened my commitment to ensuring legal access to safe and affordable abortion." 

I Married My Sorority Sister
Via Salon, Laura Leigh Semon's unusual story of sororities, sex, and LGBT. "I went through rush hoping to meet boys and make new friends. I never imagined I'd find a wife." Take that, preconceived notions of Greek life! (Uh, modern college Greek life, anyway.)