LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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In which we learn Hemingway didn't write the six-word story, how not to be a dick to your black friends, and that how you lose your virginity matters.

Did Hemingway Really Write His Famous Six-Word Story?
Via Slate, we find out that Hemingway's famous six-word short story ("For sale: baby shoes, never worn."), the sentence that launched a million creative-writing classes, actually might not have been written by Papa. Hopefully, we'll never find out that story about him shooting sharks off his dock in Key West was fake. That would be a bridge too far.

Does Your First Time Determine Every Time?
Via YourTango this is an in-depth look at the recent study that claims the loss of your virginity sets the tone for the rest of your sex life. Spoiler alert: it only kind of does.

Top 10 Breakup Songs We'd Like to See Taylor Swift Write
From Em & Lo. Our favorite? "Size Doesn't Matter (But That Don't Mean I Won't Sing About It)" because isn't she the worst?

The 15 Most Bizarre Things We've Heard In Bed
Via The Frisky. Office opinion on the front-runner is currently split between, "Don't worry, my mom has heard me have sex before," and "If we go back to my place, my roommate will totally join in."

How Not To Be A Dick To Your Black Friends
Via XO Jane. "Do not ever, NO bitch, not ever in your life forward me a tragic black women statistic story you find on the interwebs." Done.