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There are a ton of racist cosplayers out there! Also, did you know porn makes you more open-minded? 

I'm A Black Female Cosplayer and Some People Hate It

Via XO Jane, this is a seriously awesome (and also seriously nerdy) essay about the perils of being a cosplayer cosplaying anything other than a character in your own race. Shit's fucked up, man.

Tell Us The Best Way To Avoid Ex Sex, In 10 Words Or Less
Go on, tell YourTango. You can win Astroglide! Our entry: "No shots of Jameson at last call."

The Super Bowl 2013 Commercial Kisses
Thanks to Em & Lo for bringing to our attention the commercial for Old Milwaukee that stars Will Ferrell a) with a heinous '70s 'stache, b) wearing a tank top, and c) also making out with and older Asian woman on a bus. Um… we think.

Funny Girl Sex Guide: Girl-Proofing!
From The Frisky. Seriously guys, clean your apartment if you're going to bring a girl back there. And a dude is writing this. It's just common sense. And common hygiene. 

Porn: Marriage equality's secret weapon
From Salon. Basically, did you know that watching porn makes you more open-minded? Essentially, that's what a new study is suggesting: "Pornography adopts an inpidualistic, non-judgmental stance on all kinds of non-traditional sexual behaviors and same-sex marriage attitudes are strongly linked to attitudes about same-sex sex." BAM. Thanks, porn!