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On the sexiness of Lena Dunham, 3D printed sex toys, and more…

Guy Talk: Lena Dunham Is Sexy And That's The Final Word On That
Via The Frisky, John DeVore drops some truth-bombs on an unsuspecting public. "Sexy is dancing naked in moonlight and giggling until you can’t breathe. Sexy is locking eyes and dirty telepathy. Anything else is an imagination failing and bored sexual scenarios dreamed up by hacks filling in the vacuum." Nailed it. 

The Best Sex Position For Female Orgasm [Video]
Study abstract: get on top, ladies. Thanks, YourTango!

Penis Enlargement: Why It's One Big Ball of Don't
You shouldn't need Em & Lo to tell you exactly how stupid penis enlargement is, but they did. So thank them. And then learn how to work with what you've got instead of wasting time on nonsense. 

Scanning the Future of 3D-Printed Sex Toys
Via Vice. Any article that begins with "Noah Kaplan is here to get his dick scanned" is a win for us. Want to get your junk scanned for a custom sex toy? The future is here. And it's bright.

I Look A Lot Like Lena Dunham, and I've Banged Super-Hot Dudes
More Lena musings from the always smart Emily McCombs of xoJane. 

Blind Dates Without Algorithms
From Nerve contributor EJ Dickson by way of Salon, here's a first-person encounter with OKCupid's Crazy Blind Date app. "The guys I met on Crazy Blind Date weren’t the sketchy, mouth-breathing rape-murderers that my friends warned me about. They weren’t creepy, sleazy or ugly; they were affable, well-mannered and totally inoffensive-looking." So there you go. Take that, OKCupid.