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Sorry, but beer goggles are probably just a myth.

Should Marriage Vows Expire Every Seven Years?
The troublemakers over at Em & Lo propose an unlikely take on marriage licenses: Shouldn’t we have to renew them every seven years like a driver’s licenses? Hey, after seven years, at least cell-wise, we’re a completely different person. 

Is Your Male Gynecologist Secretly Ogling Your Naked Body? (Next on Sick Sad World!)
What if your male gynecologist enjoyed coping a feel this whole time? The Gloss lets us in on one woman’s terrifying realization. Beware the heated speculum. 

BDSM Is Not “Consensual Domestic Violence”
The Frisky’s Jessica Wakeman gets on a soapbox to flog a Slate piece that condemned BDSM as domestic violence. She argues, "Nobody chooses to be gay. Nobody chooses to be kinky. These things are innate, subject to the whims of chance. Dare I say it?  We are born this way." Amen.

This Just In: Beer Goggles Aren’t Real
You know how you claim alcohol lowers your standards and that’s why you keep hooking up with ugly people? A new study says sorry, you’re just hornier when you’re drunk. Thanks, YourTango

Are You Ready For A Sensual Experience With Your Gentleman Lover, Ed Rambeau?
Death and Taxes becomes our spirit guide on our flustered journey through Ed Rambeau's panty-dropping anthem.