LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week in scary: you may have indirectly slept with millions of people.

Do Not Take This Sex Test Unless You’re Ready To Feel Horrible About Your ‘Number’
The Gloss scares the bejesus out of us with this sex test, which calculates how many partners you have indirectly slept with á la Six Degrees of Separation. Does it make you a slut if your indirect number is over three million? Furthermore, does it mean that I have slept with Kevin Bacon?

Relationship Advice: 5 More Things Your Mom Never Told You
YourTango doles out love advice that your mom skipped over, like accepting the fact that you may fall under the random sex spells of highly attractive people you totally shouldn’t ever be in relationships with.

Dear Em & Lo: I’m a College Freshman Who’s Never Been Kissed
No, you’re not some freak of nature if you’re not having drunken hook-ups every night in college, in fact, you might be having more fun. Some sage advice to a lonely soul from Em & Lo.

Looking To Boost Your Sex Life? You’re Probably Just Eating The Wrong Cereal
You know how that rabbit keeps drilling the whole "Trix are just for kids" thing into our heads? The Gloss clues us into a cereal that is decidedly not for kids. Introducing SEXCEREAL, the one and only gendered, libido-raising granola. Ingredients may include bee pollen.