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James Bond, Margaret Cho, and white people mourning Mitt Romney.

What a week it's been. An emotional rollercoaster not just for the entire country, but for the entire world. (Note: we have no way of actually backing that up; that's just our 'Mericacentric worldview kicking in.) And to that end, some of our favorite content from this, the week that was. 

A Guide to the New James Bond Films

Bond has had quite the onscreen history, and wherever you fall on your favorite version (Connery, obviously) or your favorite film, there's no denying that 007's pretty firmly lodged in our collective cultural loins. Er, imagination. Sorry, we're still staring at that picture. Anyway, enjoy this thorough A.V. Club primer to the joys of Bond as you gear up for Daniel Craig's new outing, Skyfall.

Margaret Cho on Feminism

XO Jane has a new columnist, and it's everybody's favorite tattooed, motorcycle-riding, burlesque-dancing comedian Margaret Cho! And it's awesome. We're big fans of Margaret, and she seems like a great fit for XO Jane, so carpe diem, we say. Here's to a fruitful partnering!

What Music Game of Thrones Characters Would Listen To, If They Were Alive Today

Somehow, it seems obvious in retrospect that Tyron Lannister would listen to Andrew W.K. Thanks, Thought Catalog.

The 25 Rules of the Booty Call

Em & Lo give us easily the best list of rules concerning the ancient art of the booty call. Seriously, these need to be carved in stone and put at our local bar. Even if "Don't leave personal items behind" also applies to fight club.

White People Mourning Mitt Romney

Obviously gloating is poor form after an election. But man does it feel good.