LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: vagina vocab in cinema, sex on the first date, and filling your loneliness void with a puppy. 

Harlotry: Why I'm Returning to the Sex Industry 
Our friends over at The Gloss bring us another edition of Harlotry, in which Cathryn Berarovich discusses her decision to end her hiatus from sex work.  

The First Mention of "Vagina" in a Film
Journalist Arikia Millikan tells the tale of the first time someone dropped the V-word in cinema. 

Puppy Love: Why Pet Ownership Among Singles is on the Rise
We couldn't resist a puppy-themed story. Check it out over at Your Tango.

James Deen on Porn, Life and '50 Shades of Grey'
Porn wunderkind James Deen (who we interviewed back in January) tells MTV he keeps his balls shaved at all times and he loves cake.

8 Good Universe Moments and What They Might Mean
If you've been feeling a little blue over the general state of the world recently, let The Frisky remind you of life's groovy feels.

Guys Get Friend Zoned, But Do Girls Get F#$& Zoned?
Emily over at xoJane tackles the question of whether or not first-date sex lands you in fuck buddy territory.