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This week: A badass lesbian in her eighties, Margaret Cho, and foreskin tackle the world.

5 Things To Know About Edith “Edie” Windsor, The 83-Year-Old Lesbian Challenging The Defense Of Marriage Act
You may have seen dozens of red equals sign profile pictures this week, but maybe you’re not quite sure what the DOMA hearing actually involves. Meet Edith Windsor, the 83-year-old badass lesbian fighting for her rights with the Windsor v. United States case. Our friends at The Frisky drop some knowledge. 

Donnell Rawlings Takes On Scorsese With 'Hood Fellas' [Video]
Brought to us by The Guy Code Blog, Donnell Rawlings steps into Joe Pesci’s iconic role in a reimagining of Scorsese’s “Good Fellas”. Do I amuse you?

Foreskin Is Great
Amanda Chatel from The Gloss makes her argument for foreskin: It makes an uncircumcised penis look like a friendly monster from Star Wars. 

Top Ten Unsexy Things That Can Improve Your Sex Life
Em & Lo break down the top ten unsexy things that will actually make our sex lives a whole lot hotter. Every good countdown list includes Grape Nuts and an STD screening, right?

Margaret Cho Also Experienced Inapproprate Behavior From Bikram Founder Choudhury Who's Accused Of Sexual Harassment
Bikram Yoga is great for a lot of things–breathing, flexibility, strength. Being the target of sexual harassment is not one of them. Comedienne and acerbic wit Margaret Cho writes about her experience with the gross dude who started Bikram over at xoJane.