LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Would you watch a Parks & Rec porn? Of course you would.

The Porn Version of "Parks & Rec" Actually Looks Pretty Funny
The Frisky brings us the trailer to the new Parks & Rec themed porno. I can't decide whether a Leslie-Ron pairing is enticing or a boner-killer.

The Top Ten (Unintentionally Dirty) Ad Slogans
Because nothing is as good as a finger-lickin' good product. Thanks, Em & Lo.

Joe Biden Macking on Married Women
The Guy Code blog realizes the triumph in our VP's alluring social graces. Here is a photo gallery of him doing what he does best: wooing ladies.

I Post Pictures of Myself In My Underwear
writer Emily McCombs tackles the issue of why we really post pictures of ourselves in our underwear. Is seeking sexual validation always a bad thing?

Crazy Places To Have Sex (And Not Get Arrested)
A fool-proof guide to leaving the bedroom without getting cuffed (in the not-so-fun way) from Your Tango.