LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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If you want your relationship to survive you might need a road trip…or a hornets' nest.


Sex Contracts Are On The Rise
The Gloss
tackles a question for love in the modern ages: Are sex contracts really as ridiculous as they seem?

Swedish Man Dies After Having Sex With a Hornets' Nest
You kind of can't blame the Swedish man, if only because he created a headline that is so imminently clickable. Thanks to Death and Taxes.

"Bitchy Resting Face" Sufferers Unite!
Do you or someone you know suffer from the paralyzing ailment of Bitchy Resting Face? Watch this video, brought to you by The Frisky. All we need next is a cure for Worried Resting Face, which a certain Nerve writer definitely suffers from.

My Boyfriend's Last Girlfriend Was a Hooker
An xoJane writer grapples with the fact that her ex boyfriend used to date a call girl. For someone that thought she was a feminist, it was hard to maintain those feminist ideals when it was sleeping in the bed next to her.

Want To Find Out If He's The One? Take Your Love On The Road
Your Tango and Ford team up for their annual road survey. Apparently a road trip is the one resounding way to strengthen a relationship. Just make sure you have similar music tastes to begin with, I'd say.

What We Talk About When We Walk About Angelina Jolie's Boobs
Em & Lo thoughtfully discuss why we keep talking about the fabulous pair, Angelina's double mastectomy, and what it all comes down to.