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Is the porn parody of Girls the first ever meta-porn?

Girls' Gets Its Own Parody Porn
There is now a parody porn version of Girls, in which a Hannah-like character has awkward sex with (you guessed it) other girls. If Girls is a parody of porn, and This Ain't Girls is a parody of a parody of a parody of porn, then that makes it what, meta-porn?  Thanks, The Frisky.

5 Reasons to Give Quickies a Try
Em & Lo have a point; There's nothing hotter than a sense of urgency and a round eight hours of sleep.

I'm the Comic Who Was Fired Because 10 Men Heckled Me To Show My Breasts and Vagina
An XOJane writer talks about the one time she never wants to hear, "Show me your tits!" Do you think Dane Cook ever had to put up with this?

Can Men Write About Sex Without Sounding Like Douchebags?
The Gloss asks the age old question: Why is it mainly female writers taking over the internet and talking about sex? Can men do this without being completely slimey? The answer is, of course, yes. Has no one heard of Henry Miller?

The "Dating in the Digital Age" Survey
Do you find yourself guilty of telling white lies on your online dating profile or taking selfies while out on first dates? Your Tango wants to hear all about it in their new dating in the digital age survey. Because how we are communicating is definitely affecting how we date.