LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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A writer falls in love with her psychiatrist, Miles Davis jams with LCD Soundsystem, and Alex Ross gives us a history of gay rights.

It Happened to Me: I Fell in Love With My Shrink

Via XOJane, this is one writer's account of that most awkward of therapeutic scenarios: unrequited love. Also, there's this: "Both of us were lesbians, but again, don’t get too excited. Real-life lesbians are not nearly so hot-blooded, so attractive, so prone to letting you watch them make out as the lesbians are on TV."

David Simon: Media’s Sex Obsession is Dangerous, Destructive

Via Salon, here's David Simon doing what David Simon does best: rail eloquently and semi-cantankerously about some societal ill. This time, he's taken aim at the media's obsession with sex during Petraeusgate at the expense of covering the real issues. And you can't really get a better line drawn in the sand than this: "Enough. This is just sex. This is nothing more than the odd, notable penis or the odd, notable vagina staggering off the marked path and rubbing against the wrong tree. This is just people."

The Thanksgiving Issue: Love in the Time of Turkey

The venerable Em & Lo are here to rescue you from your Thanksgiving-related love problems. Perhaps most important is how to win over your partner's parents on Thanksgiving. "To be safe, you should engage in no more PDA than your partner’s parents do." Noted. 

Gay-Rights Victories

Alex Ross details an expansive timeline of gay-rights victories for The New Yorker. "Lesbians and gays who are accustomed to electoral setbacks even in years when the liberal cause advances — California Proposition 8, in 2008, was one stinging example — now savor something rich and strange: the feeling that the great silent majority is moving to their side."

Impossible YouTube Duet: Miles Davis Improvises Over LCD Soundsystem

No tricky edits, just some careful video aligning, and now we have Miles Davis' haunting trumpet gracing James Murphy's tale of Big Apple ennui, "New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down." It's… ah, fuck it. Just listen to it.