LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Fool-proof guides for concert ettiquette, retrodating, and lying in bed.

Slapping Beyonce's Ass and Other Violations of Concert Code
Guy Code Blog breaks down the five things you should never do at a concert. Number one being, of course, not slapping the Queen B's booty.

Aphrodisiac Power: Double Dates?
Even if you look upon them with trepidation and night sweats, you should get used to them: Your Tango tells us that couples that go on double dates are actually the strongest couples.

The Inspiring Results of One Couple's Better Sex Experiment
Em & Lo interview a couple that took on Durex's Better Sex Experiment. Did their relationship collapse like a broken sex swing and expired whipper cream or did the pre-packaged sexual experimentation rekindle their love? Find out.

What Dating Was Like in the 1960s
Having trouble navigating the virtual dating world? Take a nostalgic trip down to the 1960s with The Gloss as they cover the decade of bell bottoms, bouffants, and LSD and what it meant to love.

8 Lies That You're Allowed To Tell In Bed
The Frisky present a hugely important explanation (in GIFs) about what you can actually lie about in bed. We all need this in the wake of that disappointing study about sex numbers that came out yesterday.