LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Is Roger Sterling the only one keeping television sexy?

7 TV Shows That Have Seriously Sexy Sex
Last week we argued that sex on TV wasn't getting unsexy, it was getting awkward. This week, The Frisky gives us a round-up of the television that is still holding down the sexy. Yeah, of course Game of Thrones is on there. 

Things Women Do That Cause Divorce
Studies are saying far and wide that women cause divorces. The Gloss gives us a pithy list of all those reasons why women are screwing up marriages. (Yes, the title is tongue-in-cheek).

"You Read Too Many Books": I Sent Guys on OKCupid The Types Of Messages They Send To Me
XOJane writer Rebecca reminds us about the only reason why trolling can be useful: it is hilarious.

My Girlfriend Isn't As Hot As Other Girls
Em & Lo lay a smack down on the man who complains his girlfriend isn't hot enough. We're guessing his concept of love is a little shaky.

What Women Want (From Their Porn)
Your Tango explores the world of internet porn and women. The great divide? Anal sex.