LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Cigarette psychology: If a woman is holding her cigarette tightly, how will she hold her man? 

5 Ways To Convince Your Girlfriend To Watch Porn
Guy Code Blog delivers five fool-proof ways to convince your girlfriend to watch a smutty film. What they missed? The fact that your girlfriend might not take any convincing.

Why Are People Still Lying About Their Number of Sex Partners?
Your Tango talks about your favorite gender double standard. Unless, of course, it's condom allergies or splitting checks.

13 Things Our Dads Just Don't Get About Us (in GIFs!)
The Frisky rings in the holiday with a fun list of things our dads will never understand about us. But I hope they don't suddenly catch on just yet, because the trope of the Confused Dad on TV is too good to pass up.

Confession: I am Heteroflexible
Em & Lo share the story of a woman who is not quite straight and not yet bisexual. Heteroflexible will soon be coming to an Urban Dictionary near you. 

What Your Cigarette Says About Your Dating Habits
The Gloss unveils the latest study in the quirky and sometimes superfluous field of pop-psychology: how you hold your cigarette reflects your dating habits. Hmm, I'm dubious.