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This week: Jordan Catalano poses in drag. Yes.

Things That Are Terrifying About Sex
The Gloss' Ashley Cardiff has a new book coming out about the absolutely horrifying, terrifying things about sex and dating (and, as the book trailer swears, it's gonna be hilarious). Watch the trailer here.

5 Ways To Keep a Booty Call a Booty Call
How do you let a person know you are only in it for a certain something? Do not eat scrambled eggs with them. More tips over at The Guy Code Blog.

Jared Leto Feels So Pretty
The Blemish delivers one singular photographic car accident you cannot look away from: Jared Leto in drag. Remember when he was just our high school crush who couldn't read well?

13 Types of Texters To Be Wary Of
The Frisky
warns us against these types of texters, with the emoticon texter leading as the most insidious of them all.

How Not To Be A Dick While Online Dating
xoJane releases some sage advice about online dating: Don't spit on the hand that feeds you.

There's No Such Thing As "The One"
Em & Lo
propose a new way of looking at the holy grail of romance, "the one". Offering that it's a fantasy that's only going to ruin all of our lives, they suggest we should stop paying it credence.

What Body Part Will Dramatically Improve Your Sex Life?
Hint: it's not your armpits. From the folks over at YourTango.