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This week: We have no idea why Jay-Z rapped for six hours, but that doesn't make it not awesome.

18 Things You Wish You Could Ask On A First Date (But Can't Because They're Probably Inappropriate)
You can't ask someone politely to quickly lift their shirt of a first date, but what if you could? This list brought to you by our friends at The Frisky.

I Almost Married a Millionaire 35 Years My Senior
xoJane shares a story we've all wanted to hear: What if you actually fell in love with someone you met on one of the sugar daddy websites?

Jay-Z Rapped For 6 Hours At A Gallery For An Art Piece
The Blemish rounds up the best vines of this event, so you didn't actually have to actually be there for the whole six hours (thank God).

20 Tips To The Best Photo Of Your Online Dating Profile
Over at YourTango they don't beat around the bush: Your photo is the most important part of your online persona. These tips may seem oddly specific, but apparently this is what gets the most messages in your inbox.