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This week: Just how accurate is sex advice from 1969?

Retro Sex Advice of the Week
Over at Em & Lo, they've discovered a musty old 1969 edition of Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask). Does the old beast with two backs stand the test of time? Find out.

The 5 Worst Sex Lessons Guys Learn From Porn
The Guy Code Blog acknowledges that not everything in porn should be taken in stride. Like having no body hair whatsoever. That's just freaky.

Mary Louise Parker Quitting Acting Because You're Mean
The Blemish announces that the world's worst TV mom wants to quit acting. But I'd miss how uncomfortable her roles make me feel.

8 Bizarre "How To" Sex Videos I Randomly Found on YouTube
If you want to find out how to shave your pubes into a "Charlie Chaplin", you've come to the right place, via The Frisky.

Tumblr Can't Save Us From The "Pornpocalypse"
From our friends at xoJane, this is a look at why Tumblr and Blogger's new harsh tagging of adult content will mean an internet bereft of sex education resources and full of link rot.

How Modern Dating Is Destroying Relationships, Says a Former Player
Everyone is spoiled for choices, says one recovered player over at YourTango.