LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Before Instagram, there was the art of the sexy polaroid.

New Book & Exhibition: The Polaroid Years
Before instagram , we had to send pictures of our boobs stuck in bubble gum through Polaroids in the mail. Em & Lo introduce you to quite an entertaining new coffee table book.

The Wife and the Twitter Girlfriend: Contrasting Beauty Tutortials
xoJane presents two looks to snag Anthony Weiner types. One is arguably more fleeting.

20 Fictional Women I Would Never Sleep With
The Frisky argues that some women, no matter how kickass, just aren't shaggable. Snow White is interesting and all, but would you really want to hit that?

18 Relationship Quotes That Tell It Like It Is
When it comes to love, why not just be honest? Why not get advice from Snoop Dogg? From the folks at YourTango.