LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Oh, the things you should know before you fall in love…

How and Why Do People Fall In Love?
BuzzFeed examines the chemical-neurological response that causes us to do absurd things, like date one another, in a fun video. (No, it's not kind of gross like that Porn Sex vs. Real Sex video going around this week.) 

Meet The Man Who Orgasms To The Sound of Brass Instruments
The Frisky brings us a headline too weird not to click: One lucky man comes to the sound of brass instruments. He also tastes the color blue. Synesthesia, man.

Fox News Doctor Bewildered and Horrified By The Idea Of Women Enjoying Sex
Fox News kind of seems like fish in a barrel these days, but man, this guy's rant about how women are to blame for this whole Carlos Danger thing takes the cake. From our friends at Death and Taxes.

The 10 Archetypes of Sex
Em & Lo deconstruct the the types of sex that archetypal people like. Are you the Rebel or the Visionary?

Is There Anyone Who Is Actually Happy With His Or Her Sex Life?
The quick answer: Um, no. But, maybe? It could get better. Much more concrete results are over at Your Tango.