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This week: The best and the worst of make up and break up letters.

The Anatomy of a Crush on Your College Professor
The Frisky put together a chart of why exactly you were drooling over the man with the PhD. Tweed blazers FTW.

This Will Be Fun–I Straight Up Asked Dudes I've Dated Why They Rejected Me
One xoJane writer does what we all secretly wish we could do, for educational purposes, of course.

Is Cuckholding a Real Trend or Just Another Internet Meme?
Cuckholding seems a little Shakespearean, but it's a real live trend. Em & Lo tackle whether it's all just a passing craze.

This Craigslist Missed Connection Is The Best Thing You'll Read All Day
This would surely make one of Nerve's classic Best of Craigslist features. BuzzFeed presents what is ultimately the most gripping and well written Missed Connection of all time. If you haven't already seen it on your internet rounds, I promise it will delight.

The Most Epic F*ck You Break Up Letter Ever
YourTango delivers what is honestly one of the most well crafted break up letters I've ever had the pleasure to read. "Your life is already your punishment." You can appreciate it, because it's not addressed to you.

Tig Notaro And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad, Yet Somehow Completely Amazing Year
Remember Tig Notaro, the comic who last year rocked the world last year with her groundbreaking, irreverent set about how she had cancer? BuzzFeed delivers an amazing longform about the story behind that legendary set.