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Rob Corddry on America's douchiest bars, Petraeus erotic fan-fiction, and the cult of XOJane. 

America's Douchiest Bars, by Rob Corddry

Via Rundown, Rob Corddry gives us the lowdown on which bars to avoid while traveling cross-country and why. In case you didn't know already, the douchiest part of Yankee Stadium is "the bar across from section 214 that sells foam fingers… Go Sox."

General Petraeus Erotic Fan Fiction

Via Thought Catalog. "Suddenly, his strong Army mouth lip-mouth brushed my tiny full petite Not-Army mouth-lips." Yup.

Cameron Diaz Says Every Woman Wants "To Be Objectified"

Via The Frisky. Cameron Diaz's recent claim in an interview that "every woman does want to be objectified" has caused some consternation across the internet, with The Frisky noting correctly that it's all well and good for someone who looks like Diaz to make that claim, but that women without "ideal" bodies probably don't go around with that thought in their head. 

How The "Cult of xoJane" Helped Get Me Through the Worst Days of My Life

One writer's touching account of how the xoJane community helped get him through the experience of losing his mother. 

Jane loves to joke about creating a "Cult of xoJane," but when I think about why people join such organizations — the sense of community, purpose and belonging that they bring — it occurs to me that she’s already done it and I serve as an example of the power it can have to help heal and make it through the worst of times.

Top 10 Films That Represent the War on Women

Via Em & Lo, we have this interesting assessment of ten films that either directly or metaphorically reflect aspects of the women's rights movement. The most interesting entry is Todd Haynes' divisive Bob Dylan biopic, I'm Not There. "Dylan dodges various identities and then is consumed by them, he trades one identity for another and still another, and he’s still 'not there' — which should sound pretty familiar to anyone familiar with the women’s movement."