LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Community's Gillian Jacobs' guide to creatively dumping someone.

5 Things You Should Know About The Clitoris
Em & Lo present amazing facts about (maybe) your favorite body part. Men and women, this is vital information.

Tinder Tips: 5 Strategies Ladies Don't Dig On The Hookup App
What not to do when you blindly message someone on Tinder. Step 1: Don't speak in fragmented non-sequitur. From our friends at Guy Code Blog.

Florida Man Attacks Mom's Boyfriend With Samurai Sword Over Missing Can Of Shrimp
Just when we thought Florida couldn't get anymore hopelessly wacky. This week's oddest headline award goes to Death and Taxes.

10 Easy Ways To Dump Someone According To Community's Gillian Jacobs
The Frisky talked to Gillian Jacobs about the most tactful/tactless ways to artfully dump someone. The fan favorite is "The Exhibitionist": paint "ya dumped" across your naked chest and streak in front of your beloved.

Stuff Not To Say To Your Single Thirty-Something Friend
#1: "But you're so PRETTY. I can't believe you don't have anyone." And other things absolutely no single person should ever hear ever from xoJane.

15 Funny Quotes About Sex From Famous Women We Love
Via YourTango. Dorothy Parker, Tina Fey, and Sarah Silverman offer sage wisdom about men and women in bed.