LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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What would have happened if Romeo and Juliet could text?

Random Girl Writes About Group Sex With Corey Feldman
Which beloved Goonies character has sex to his own music? Death and Taxes will give you a hint.

Great Love Texts From Literature: Romeo and Juliet
If only Mr. Montague had a data plan. From our friends Em & Lo.

30 Things We Never Thought We Could Do…Until We Did
The summer's ending. The Frisky reminds us all to take a moment for self reflection. What have we done recently that we never believed we could? One Nerve staffer wrote a song.

Books That Will Get You Picked Up
Remember when Nerve recently selected books that would land you a date? Bookish tried their hand at it.

How A Cab Driver Found My G-Spot & Gave Me The Best Sex Ever
You'll think about this the next time you get in a taxi. From YourTango.

How To Deal With Being Sexiled
The Guy Code Blog tackles a highly specific issue that might bring you back to your salad days when being sexiled meant spending the night in the student lounge.