LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: The most ingenious celebrity sex tape in the history of the world.

Are Women Even Less Naturally Monogamous Than Men?
Em & Lo
had a fascinating interview with David Bergner, author of What Do Women Want?, a book about the myths of the female sex drive. Here's to evo-psych take-downs!

Alyssa Milano's Sex Tape Will Leave Your Feeling...Informed
Alyssa Milano's sex tape might be the most ingenious way ever conceived to get more eyes on the issues that really matter. In this case, it's the imminent attack on Syria. Via our friends at The Frisky.

5 Reasons I Don't Date Guys In Band Anymore
xoJane calls out the one sect of people most likely to have Peter Pan syndrome–and the women who follow.

Frustrated With Dating? Try Going Facebook-Free
YourTango presents a video that offers the unthinkable: maybe we should stop Facebooking dates.