LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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Should there be a 24-hour waiting period for couple tattoos?

Sex and Dating Acts Should Have a 24-Hour Dating Period
Em & Lo
propose putting a 24-hour ban of action on these decisions we make in the bedroom and on dates. Yes, sleeping with a coworker definitely needs to be put on this list.

10 Things Everyone Should Learn in Sex Ed
The Frisky put together a no-nonsense sex ed dream curriculum.  Like, what if we actually taught our kids honest, relevant things about sexuality? Huh.

How To Borrow Money From Your Girlfriend
The Guy Code Blog
illustrates how to tactfully borrow money from someone you're also sleeping with every day.

Drunk, naked man arrested for humping Land Rover
File this under: things you should never forget about doing even though you were incredibly inebriated. From Death and Taxes.

The Frouple Phenomenon: When Your BFF Is Kinda Your Boyfriend
YourTango lays out a very ephemeral and yet undeniable Millennial social sect: the frouple.

DJ Mister Cee Shares All+ Comes Clean About His Struggles
From the HOT97 website, a legendary DJ shares his struggle with coming to terms with possible homosexuality. This seems like a breakthrough for our culture and the entire audio is moving enough to warrant the thirty-minute listen.