LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: We really need those Playboy Consent Party Commandments.

20 Horrible Responses For When She Says, "I Love You"
The Guy Code Blog
present things you should never, ever say in response to "I love you". Caveat, guys: in these cases, honest is always the best policy, really.

Women in Porn: 8 Game Changers Making Waves In The Industry
Our very own Nerve veteran, Kelly, takes you through the extraordinary women who are redefining contemporary pornography. Via Refinery29.

Washington Newspaper Asks Readers About Anal
In a great argument against proofreading, one Washington Newspaper tickles its readers with an impromptu anal sex poll. Via our friends as Death and Taxes.

Playboy's Pro-Consent Party Commandments Turns Out To Be A Hoax
The Frisky reveals that the amazing website we thought could have been a turning point for lad-mags is actually just a super intelligent prank by a feminist group. But a sex site can still dream, right?

These Are The Worst States For Unplanned Pregnancies
A new infographic reveals which states actually provide the most resources for women in need. Thanks, YourTango.

What is the U-Spot?
Em & Lo break down one of their Top Body spots. Because maybe you had no idea the urethra could be hot?