LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Your sex number, spooky stories, and a kickass grandpa.

What's Your Number? 12 Women Talk Sex
Refinery29 talked to many women about their number and what it means to them. The honesty of the answers might surprise you.

5 Things Guys Do For The Sole Purpose Of Impressing Women
The Guy Code Blog explains why men don't really like fancy foods; it's all an act to get into a woman's pants. Agree? Disagree? The food enthusiasts at Nerve think this one's debatable.

What Your Sex Toy Says About You
Em & Lo
break down what your sex toy preference says about you in a fun infographic. Our favorite: "Bullet–You have the neatest desk at the office."

History of Halloween: 7 Creepy Tales of Love and the Supernatural
Get back to your folkloric, romantic roots (there in there somewhere?) with these creepy Halloween tales from YourTango.

Greatest Grandpa Ever Writes Kickass Letter Shaming His Daughter For Disowning Gay Grandson
This letter is just worth it. It just is. Via The Frisky.