LILFs: Links I’d Like To…

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This week: Things you didn't realize were foreplay and the wonders of audio smut.

Exclusive: Our Interview with Bill Watterson
Mental Floss presents an exclusive catch-up with Nerve favorite and notable recluse, Bill Watterson.

The Best Halloween Costumes From Books
Bookish put together this classy infographic to help the bibliophiles in the arduous task of selecting their Halloween costumes. Heads up: Literary characters get the most bone.

Audio Smut To Make Terry Gross and Ira Glass Blush
Want dirty public radio? Em & Lo introduce you to your latest new audio obsession.

10 Things Guys Have No Idea Are Foreplay
Bless The Frisky for putting "playing Sam Cooke" on their list of unknown methods of foreplay. Nerve heartily agrees.

The 5 Most Epic Love Triangles Through History
gives us our favorite kind of history lesson.

Top 10 Questions We Hope To Never Get Asked Again
Em & Lo
are daring souls when it comes to sex advice, but there are lines you shouldn't cross, people.

10 Signs She's Moved On (And You Haven't)
The Guy Code Blog warns against some seriously skivvy behavior.

Most Dudes Have Probably Bought Sex At Least Once
expresses an unpopular opinion, perhaps. But is there any truth to it?