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We're brushing up on our Boy Meets World trivia and watching Pat Robertson embrace science. 


It Happened To Me: I Lost a Job For Calling Out the Company's Rape Apology

So, you may or may not have heard about Dan Solomon, the Texas journalist who was let go for calling out an article his employer (CultureMap) published that sort of had a whiff of rape apology about it. Well, rather than hear about it from anyone else, here's the story from Solomon, courtesy of XO Jane

25 Little-Known Facts About Boy Meets World

Also, have you heard about the Boy Meets World spin-off? It's big news, especially if you — like literally everyone on the internet — happen to be somewhat nostalgic for the '90s. So celebrate/mourn with these trivia bits about everybody's favorite show starring a girl inexplicably named Topanga. Thanks, Thought Catalog!

Why TV Apocalypses Are Really Wish-Fulfillment Fables

Via Vulture. "We can face an unknown future and pretend, for a moment, that we won't be reduced to hysterics at the first hint of a sinus infection, or the first realization that the pool can't be filtered for drinking water like we always imagined. When the end times roll around, you'll find us sewing rag dolls from recycled jeans, crafting artisanal cheeses, or serenely sharpening our machetes by the fire. Isn't it pretty to think so, anyway?"

Spotify and Its Discontents

If this New Yorker piece (beautifully written by Mike Spies) does nothing other than remind you of what it was like to walk home with a brand-new CD, flush with the possibilities of wonderful new music, then it's already been worth the read. But it's also a great meditation on what infinite choice has done to music consumption in this day and age.

Pat Robertson Dispels Creationist Myth That Earth is 6,000 Years Old

Via Huffington Post. Pat Robertston is one of the most consistently awful pundits out there, so to have him break the party ranks (that is, the ultra-conservative Christian ranks) and declare that science is actually right about something the Bible says it's not right about, is kind of crazy. Is this going to signal some kind of sea-change in the ranks of conservative pundits? Doubtful. Is it a step in the right direction? Sure is.